Through the advertisements in the Tower and on the guard rails in the Dryhandlingcourse, we can once again support the organizations Soonwaldstiftung – Hilfe für Kinder in Not, Eugenie-Michels-Hospiz and Reginalbündnis Soonwald-Nahe e.V.
as well as the Schoolsponsorshipproject of the Districtadministrator Bettina Dickes.
In December, we were already able to pass on 5,800 euros to these organizations.
In the past weeks, we have received further donations from supporters, to whom we would also like to express our gratitude:

Falken Tyre Europe GmbH
Peter Gross Bau
Hart Consult International GmbH
iMAR Navigation GmbH – Systems for inertial Navigation, Stabilization, Surveying, Guidance & Control
EDAG Group
GeneSys Elektronik GmbH
Driving Concept GmbH